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We’re moving!

With the success of the Kickstarter and the upcoming publishing of the book, I have been rethinking my social media strategy.  Once the book is officially published, I will be closing down this blog and moving over to Blogspot, mostly because I like its customization better and it interfaces with my Google account better.  Anyway, why don’t you get started early and head over to the page and start following it now.  It is located at…

See you there!


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New Kickstarter Goal

We are at 45 backers for the Kickstarter project, which come out to 62% funded.  Lets see if we can get to an even 50 backers today.  If you have followed this story and haven’t backed the project yet, will you consider doing so?  Thanks!

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Kickstarter Update

So the Kickstarter for the book is a little over a week old, and it is going pretty well.  But, more supporters are needed!  I hope if you have enjoyed this story that you will visit the Kickstarter project and back it.  The current challenge is whoever pushes the project past the 50% mark, no matter how much they pledge, will get their name mentioned in the Acknowledgement section.  So hurry and check it out!

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Chapter 33 AND 34 Update

I have the edited copy of Chapter 33 back from my wife and it should be up in a day or two.

More importantly, Chapter 34 is done, which is the LAST CHAPTER.  Yes, you read that right!  It’s almost over…but hopefully that “The End” will truly be a new beginning.

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Zac Reviews Chapter 29

YES!  Chapter 29 is done, and I’m well into Chapter 30.  Here is Zac’s review;

On a scale of 1 to 10, how did you like the chapter; “Nine”

What did you like about it? “Almost everything,”

What didn’t you like?” When they almost got caught and that Norm’s shop was *******”

Yes, readers, I actually had to block something out that would have given stuff away.  Come back for the full chapter tomorrow and see what fate has befallen our unlikely heroes.

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I’m back

Well, after my vacation I would like to say I’m ready and rarin’ to go to get Chapter 27 done and move on.

I would like to say that, but I can’t.

Despite mulling it over in my head for a week in front of lovely Lake Pleasant in the Adirondacks, I’m still stuck.  My conundrum is how to make an important plot point happen that ‘makes sense’ within the realm of the whole teen/dragon/merger magicky-wagicky hocus-pocus stuff.  I’m probably over-thinking it; I probably need to just sit down and get some words on the page and it will flow.

Nevertheless, vacation’s over and its time to get going again.

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No, this isn’t a kickstarter for this book (at least not yet).  BUT, my good friend, Brett, has begun a Kickstarter project for a card game he created.  This project is close to me not only because Brett is my friend and I have backed the project, but because I had a hand in designing the cards and the boxes the cards go in.  So follow the link below to check out the project and see if there is a level you can offer support.

Oh, and Chapter 26 should be up tomorrow 🙂

Here is the link:


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